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Pests are truly a big problem in homes and businesses. If you want to take extra measures against infestation, Cannon Pest Management is a leading provider of professional, family-friendly pest control services in Croydon.

Let’s explore the 3 most important reasons to hire pest control services, followed by the most common Croydon pest problems and solutions.

pest control croydonFamily Health: Your family’s health and safety should be your top priority therefore, pest problems shouldn’t be ignored. Pests are the number one carrier of germs that can spread and cause havoc in your safe and hygienic abode.

Investments & Assets: Your home is your castle, and while it’s important to keep up its appearance, there are sometimes hidden pest problems causing extensive damage or electrical hazards just below the surface. Proactive pest control is the best way to prevent damage to Croydon homes.

Daily Routines: Last but not least, pests are just a pure and simple pain. An infestation at your business premises can grind things to a halt, while pests at home can spoil your family’s fun and relaxation.

What are the most requested Croydon pest control services?

Termite Control Croydon: It’s beyond a doubt that termites are not only the most destructive pests in Croydon, but also throughout Victoria and beyond. One in four Croydon homes and businesses will have termite trouble at one time or another. By the time you call for Croydon termite control services often is called the damage has already begun.

What’s the answer?: When it comes to effective termite control in Croydon, regular termite inspections and treatments prevent termites being discovered when the damage is already done. A trained and experienced termite control specialist can spot the early signs of termites and install physical and chemical barriers, baiting, monitoring and more.

possum removal croydonPossum removal Croydon: Possums may be cute and seem cuddly, but once they’ve moved in where you don’t want them to be, they can be trouble. We’re talking compromising the integrity of your roof, damage to your gutters, not to forget the mess and the noise.

What’s the answer?: As a native species and therefore protected by law, the best solution is to contact the professional for law-abiding possum removal service for Croydon homes. Techniques involve the carrying out of thorough inspections, the sealing of entries, and the installation of one-way possum doors.

Rodent control Croydon: Think ‘pest’ and you’re most probably thinking of mice and rats, as they spread disease, cause damage, spoil food and generally enrage, annoy and terrify the human residents!

What’s the answer?: The good news is that Cannon’s rodent control specialists know exactly how to get rid of rats and mice, including the use of ‘rodenticides’ or poison bait that should only be applied by trained professionals.

Termites, possums and rodents - that’s a lot of pesky pests! Of course, there are plenty of other pests that wreak havoc across Blackburn and beyond, including cockroaches, birds, bugs, wasps, moths, ants and more. The effective pest control services offered by Cannon Pest Management can take care of all pest problems for households and businesses alike.

We provide reliable pest control services in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs including BlackburnBurwood, Bayswater, Croydon, Dandenong, Doncaster, Glen Waverley, LilydaleRingwood, Vermont ,Wantirna and surrounding suburbs. You can see our full service area on our contact page.

Cannon Pest Management provides pest control services in Croydon, Melbourne.

Home insurance does not include cover for termite damage. Termite surveys by the CSIRO have found that almost 1 in 3 homes in Australia have termite presence. It’s best to be proactive and have an annual Termite Inspection carried out by a qualified technician. Contact us now to book an inspection!

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