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Long-Lasting Ant Treatments

You can rely on us to remove nuisance ants from your home & garden with products that are the most effective in complete colony elimination. Our pest control treatments target the nest by using non-repellent treatments that are undetectable. Ants will continue to trail through treated areas and unknowingly transfer the chemicals on to other ants through physical contact, much like a virus in humans. This method of treatment provides long-lasting ant control in Melbourne.


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Ant facts

ant infestation removal melbourneThere are over 10,000 known species of ants on Earth with each species containing millions upon millions of individual ants spread across hundreds of thousands of colonies. Each colony is headed by a queen who is solely responsible for laying eggs to expand the colony. All worker ants exist to locate and collect food, building, protecting the colony, and looking after younger ants. Male ants only exist to mate with the queen, once this task is completed they then die.

Ants are highly sociable insects capable of working together and coordinating vast quantities of ants over long distances. While they eat nectar, seeds, fungi, or other insects some species work together to bring down larger prey such as reptiles, birds, or even small mammals. While they are found just about everywhere ants only become a pest once they enter a property in search of food and water. Ants can quickly form nests in homes or gardens to the chagrin of homeowners.

While they are attracted to a number of different foods different species have a preference for everything from sugars, fats, proteins, and oils. Once desired food has been located by scout ants they communicate through chemicals to alert other ants of the location, where large numbers of ants soon congregate to harvest the source. They form trails and lines that are constantly in motion of ants going back and forth from the nest.

Like rodents, ants are highly intelligent and opportunistic, taking advantage of deterioration in structures to form complex colonies. In the process of making their nests they can cause extensive damage to walls, floors, and other structures in a short period of time. Subterranean ant nests can cause soil to become soft and can cause damage to gardens and crops while also making a mess of the affected area.

While ants can be confused with termites due to their physical description, size, and termites being referred to as “white ants” they are two separate species. While termites specifically target wooden structures any ants found in wood have not eaten through the structure and are merely using pre-existing gaps and cavities to navigate through.

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    Don't Put Up With Pest Problems

    For free quotes and a customer satisfaction guarantee, call the pest controllers Melbourne locals can rely on for fast and effective services. Cannon, your weapon against pests!

    Ant Control FAQ’s

    As fascinating as they are to be studied, ants are among the most common and destructive pests in Australia – and Melbourne is no stranger to them. Here are the most common ant control questions people ask our team.

    How do I get rid of ants?

    Ants can be a real nuisance in your home or around your property. There can be several ant nests and different ant species within foraging range of your private space. The most effective method of chemical control is by using non-repellent products that have a transfer effect. There is a much greater likelihood of controlling ant colonies when the product is taken back to the nest.

    How do I stop ants coming inside my home?

    We often get told by clients that they can’t work out how ants are coming inside their home. Unfortunately, it’s extremely unlikely that you can physically stop ants coming inside. The most common ant around homes is the Black House Ant, these ants can fit through cracks of 1mm in size, this is about the thickness of your fingernail. Your home would almost have to be as airtight as a submarine to stop ants coming in.

    Why does ant activity increase in summer or when it rains?

    Almost all insect activity is impacted by weather conditions. Ants in particular are very sensitive to weather and can detect changes in air pressure. An example of this is when heavy rain is coming and ant activity around your home will increases before the rain arrives. Black House Ants do not have one central nest location, they continually move around your yard, inside the walls and roof. All of this movement is due to weather conditions and access to food and moisture.

    My house is very clean, why are ants still coming inside?

    Your home could be as clean a surgery, but ants may still forage inside looking for food or moisture. They could be following a smell or be attracted to the residue left by a spill from a sweet liquid or picking up some breadcrumbs. It’s true, its much more likely to have extended ant activity if your home is less tidy and ants have established trails to likely food sources.

    Is chemical ant treatment safe for my family and pets?

    Pesticides can be dangerous when applied incorrectly and not in accordance with the product label directions. There are exclusion period requirements for people and pets to remain away from treated areas until liquid products have completely dried. By engaging us you are assured that a licenced pest control technician will carry out a treatment that is safe for your family and pests.

    What should I expect following an ant treatment?

    You can expect that large numbers of ants and consistent ant activity around or inside your home will be substantially reduced. You may see some ants foraging around following a treatment however the treatment will continue to control them. We aim to stop large ant trails and keep them under control for at least a 6 month period. Some customers experience up to 12 months ant free.

    Do I have to prepare our home for an ant treatment?

    Yes, there is preparation needed prior to applying treatments in and around your home. We provide instructions once a booking is made.

    Do you provide a warranty with your ant treatments?

    We don’t provide warranties with insect treatments, we provide “Free Service Periods”. The word ‘warranty’ leads people to believe that the treated pest will not return for a set period of time. We can’t eradicate nature; we manage pests around your property. If you experience a return of a large number or consistent ant trails around your property, we will return within a 6-month period to re-treat the locations where ants have returned.

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