Terms & Conditions

Cannon Pest Management: Terms and Conditions

Health & Safety Information

  1. You must advise us and prior to any pest treatment, if any occupants of the building to be treated have insensitivity and or allergies towards pesticides and their odours. Any such people should remain out of the building for 24 hours after treatment and not return until the building has been fully ventilated.
  2. Upon request by the Pest Technician, you must protect and/or remove people, animals, fish, food and sensitive electrical equipment in and around the building before any pest treatments carried out and follow any verbal and or written instructions regarding re-entry periods into the building.
  3. You must ensure all occupants of the building avoid touching any treated surfaces where the applied pesticides have not dried.
  4. You must observe any written and or verbal advice given by the Pest Technician.

Payment Terms and Details of Your Free Service Period

    1. The free service period given may be reviewed and is subject to:- Any free service period shall become null and void unless all monies due & payable to Cannon Pest Management been paid in full within the specified payment terms;
      – Structural/environmental conditions present that prevent proper treatment being carried out;
      – Failure by the building occupants to carry out written and verbal communications by the Pest Technician especially relating to sanitation, hygiene and proofing that specifically relate to the building and the pest treatment;
      – The introduction into the building of infested materials;
      – The treated areas of the building are not unreasonably disturbed or interfered with especially relating to baits, traps and monitoring devices;
      – Alterations to buildings and painting etc. of treated surfaces after the pest treatment has been carried out;
      – The clear access to the building is not hindered or restricted by the building manager or occupants;
    2. Unless specific written arrangements have been provided, the full price shall be due and recoverable by Cannon Pest Management on commencement of works, as detailed within the invoice/quotation overleaf.
    3. The standard Control Period is twenty-eight (28) days following the pest treatment. We do not perform any Free Service work during this period unless stated specifically in writing by the Pest Technician.
    4. Where a Free Service Period has been provided then, upon notification by you, we agree to provide you with such remedial treatment(s) as may be required to the nominated property, at no cost to you, for the term of the Free Service Period as detailed overleaf. Any Free Service Period is conditional upon you immediately notifying us of the signs of the suspected pest infestation. Remedial treatment(s) will only be carried out at the affected areas.
    5. No responsibility can be accepted, nor warranty implied, for any damage or consequential losses that may occur as the result of past, current or future pest activity.

Treatment Details

  1. The pest treatment carried out only applies to the pest species named on the invoice/quote
  2. Pesticides approved and registered for use in Australia by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority will only be used by the Pest Technician when performing the treatment.
  3. No liability will be accepted from damage caused to concealed areas such as pipes, conduits, wiring, services such as gas, electricity, communication, cable networks, water, sewerage, drainage and so forth where cutting and or drilling is required as part of the pest treatment. You are responsible for providing plans and or locations pertaining to the above before we commence any work.
  4. The prices quoted are valid for thirty (30) days and may be reviewed after that date.

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