If you’re one of those few people who think ‘big deal’ when they see a cockroach scurrying across the floor or some cockroach eggs in the back of a cupboard, then think again. Thankfully, most people feel fear and repulsion when they see a cockie, and that instinct is correct. They don’t just reflect terribly on your home or business, cockroaches also:

  • Contaminate your food, expelling bacteria as they go.
  • Reproduce at an astonishing rate – we’re talking hundreds and even tens of thousands of additional cockroaches per female and her offspring.
  • Endanger your brand from the customer point of view, and your business from a regulatory perspective – especially if you’re in the food/hospitality game.
  • Spread diseases through their faeces and saliva (through cockroach bites), including terrifying pathogens like salmonella, listeria and campylobacter.

Have we convinced you that a cockroach sighting is more than just a nuisance? A potential infestation is a threat that you need to take extremely seriously, so watch out for the most common signs of cockroach activity:

  • A physical sighting – be particularly alert at night.
  • Faeces – cockroaches munch on a lot, so you’ll find quite a lot of that brown, coffee-ground like poo. Pull out your fridge and have a look behind there.
  • The smell – it’s musty, oily, gross, and will intensify as the infestation worsens.
  • Cockroach eggs – wait, do cockroaches lay eggs? Yes! What do cockroach eggs even look like?

Cockroach eggs: Let’s dig a little deeper

Cockroach pest control experts are always surprised to learn that so many people aren’t aware that these dirty little critters lay roach eggs, but just about every female insect on earth does. But it’s not the roach eggs themselves that you’ll be on the lookout for – instead, you’ll almost certainly see the ootheca, which is the hard sack that keeps the eggs safe.

Let’s answer some basic questions about cockroach eggs:

1. What do cockroach eggs look like?

The oothecae are small – less than 5mm. Whilst initially white, within a few hours the sack will have gone hard and darkened to a dark brown, reddish-brown, black colour. The most distinctive feature is a jagged ridge.

2. Where do cockroaches lay eggs?

Answer: Where the cockie think you won’t find them! Often, the female will actually carry the ootheca around, but if not you’ll probably find them in a nice, safe location not far from a food or garbage source. So check your pantry, cupboards, drawers, picture frames – places like that.

3. What to do if you find cockroach eggs?

It’s safe to dispose of the oothecae yourself – just wear some disposable gloves, and make sure you destroy them. The easiest and most effective way is probably to vacuum them up, but just be careful not to stir them up too much as you could trigger your asthma.

Let a cockroach expert give your infestation the flick

However, while it’s easy to hoover up a few roach eggs, it’s a lot harder to swiftly, thoroughly and safely eliminate a cockroach infestation once and for all. For that, you’ll need to rely to a true authority on cockroaches and cockroach eggs Australia wide – and that’s us right here at Cannon Pest Management.

Our Melbourne pest control specialists know all the ins and outs of all the common species, their behaviour, and exactly which professional treatment solution will be best for your particular situation. Are you ready to say goodbye to your resident cockroaches? Give the friendly team at Cannon Pest Management a call today.

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