When you want your little one to pop off to sleep with a hug and a giggle, you always remember to warn them: ‘Sleep tight – don’t let the bed bugs bite!” As ever, the back story is always fascinating. ‘Sleep tight’ is a reference to the way 1800s mattresses sat on beds comprised of woven rope that often had to be re-tightened for a sound slumber. As for the bed bugs, the risk was real – as the tiny little critters just loved those old mattresses stuffed with straw and delicious corn husks. But even today, knowing how to get rid of bed bugs is something you should know.

Why’s that? Because across Australia, but especially in Victoria, bed bugs are still a problem. According to the Victorian government, the problem has gotten a lot worse over the last few years as blood-sucking bed bugs slowly evolved and became more resistant to modern insecticides. The big problem is that their favourite beverage is human blood – and their tiny jaws are more than powerful enough to penetrate our skin. During the day, they hide – but at night, they come out to play … and bite. When they chomp down, one injection-like tube sucks out our blood, while another injects a type of poison that makes it easier for us to bleed.

how to get rid of bed bugs bite

An allergic reaction caused by bed bug bites

A bed bug bite is rarely fatal unless in those suffering from anaphylactic shock, but it could very well:

  • Be red & very itchy
  • Cause a large, swollen welt
  • Disturb sleep.

Have you woken up itchy, with strange blood stains on your sheets? Are there little bugs the size of apple seeds in your bed? Have you spotted rusty spots of bed bug poop? Are you smelling a gross, musty smell in the bedroom? Unfortunately, you almost certainly have a bed bug infestation – and trying to eliminate bed bugs all by yourself can take weeks or even months of effort and you still can’t keep up with the fast reproduction cycle.

How to get rid of bed bugs in Melbourne

As any great pest control company will tell you, the best cure for any pest problem is always prevention. And unlike do-it-yourself bed bug eradication, these preventative measures really do work:

1. Hygiene

The big thing that has changed since the 1800s and now is household and bedroom hygiene – so don’t forget to vacuum under and behind the beds as well as regularly changing the linen.

2. Physical removal

Sticky tape is a great way to trap tiny bed bugs, and the vacuum can suck up a lot of them too – although not necessarily kill them. Focus on the corners and behind furniture, and make sure you’re totally destroying any insects you collect rather than just spreading them around.

3. Heat

Heat is effective too – but it has to be very high, and we’re talking 60°C and up. If you can find a way to blast some steam in the infestation area, that works – but a clothes drier with the heat turned up is good too.

4. Cold

While bed bugs are hardy little critters, they don’t like it very hot and they don’t like it very cold either. To kill them with cold, though, it really needs to be freezing. So you could always try putting smaller linen items in the freezer overnight, but really do want bugs in there at all?!

Eliminate bed bugs with professional help

The only guaranteed way to ensure these vampire-like insects aren’t chomping down on your little ones at night, however, is with a professional method that industry insiders call integrated pest management. It’s basically the full suite of prevention, detection, monitoring and treatment of bed bugs and other pests, making use of specialised chemicals, equipment, products and years of hands-on experience. Unfortunately, bed bugs have become a problem in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and beyond – but Cannon Pest Management are your go-to weapon to blast them away from your restful bedrooms. Our commercial pest control services are ideal for accomodation businesses like hostels and short stay apartments.

You’ll be sleeping tight with no signs of a bite once you call our friendly and fully-qualified team, so get in touch with Cannon Pest Management today for prompt & affordable service.

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