It’s difficult to overstate just how devastating, traumatising and expensive a serious termite infestation is. These tiny critters can easily rip through your property and bring an entire house down, and even threaten the wellbeing of those with allergies and health problems. Close to 150,000 homes in Australia suffer serious infestations annually, with the average termite treatment cost added with the resulting damage tipping the scales at multiple thousands of dollars – costing the hard-working people of Australia over a billion dollars each year.

How much does it cost to get rid of termites?

It’s not hard to see that the cost of termite protection is likely to be much lower than just doing nothing, hoping for the best and dealing with the consequences later. Depending on the extent and nature of the infestation or property in question, the termite treatment cost Melbourne wide depends on:

  • The location, size and construction
  • The details of the infestation
  • The price for termite treatment versus prevention
  • The type of termite treatments/inspections and more.

Based on a professional and detailed termite inspection, it will become apparent to your termite specialists just how extensive the cost of termite treatment will be for your particular circumstance. They will check your property’s interior, exterior, roof, garden, fences, foundation and more, with the termite protection cost in terms of inspection in the mere low-hundreds of dollars.

The average cost of termite treatment depends on the extent of the intervention, including:

  • Quick fix: A remedy only in the immediate affected area, including spraying, foaming or dusting.
  • Full-whammy: Going after the entire and extensive colony over a much larger area may involve termite barriers or baiting for a longer term solution.
  • Ongoing solution: It may be recommended that your recommended cost for termite treatment is even higher for ongoing maintenance, servicing, monitoring and long-term baiting.

As you can see, the way to calculate the termite treatment cost Melbourne wide depends on a variety of factors. The location and layout of your structures can require specific and customised treatments, but also relevant will be:

  • The size of the affected area
  • The materials involved
  • The extent of the infestation
  • The age/duration of the infestation
  • The termite types.

Did you know that about 1 in 5 homes in Melbourne will sustain damage as a result of a termite infestation? The most cost-effective solutions are the ones in which infestations were caught either before they happened at all, or in those earliest signs of trouble – certainly not when the wood is already crumbling before your eyes. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for:

  • Sounds: Hearing clicking sounds? Timber sounding hollow when you tap it?
  • Sights: Seeing mud tunnels or termite droppings (frass)?
  • Signs: Doors and windows harder to open & close due to timber warping?

Don’t forget: before any other consideration or factor, the termite treatment cost relevant to your property and situation depends on just how much of a foothold those little critters have been allowed to secure. Not just that, it’s crucial to remember that just about all household insurance policies do not include repairs for termite damage, leaving it up to you to keep the cost of termite protection and treatment as low as possible.

We can help keep the cost of termite treatment down

At Cannon Pest Management, our highly trained and fully qualified Melbourne pest control experts and termite technicians have the eagle-eyes, hands-on experience and specialised technologies to hone in on problem areas even when there’s no visible sign of a problem.

Sensing termite trouble? Want to be prepared early so that you get away with the lowest average cost of termite treatment as possible? Call Cannon Pest Management today – and we’ll take care of the rest!

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