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Possum Removal Melbourne

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Possum Removal in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

Cannon Pest Management’s technicians are qualified and licensed to carry out possum exclusion and pest removal for Melbourne residents and businesses. We do not relocate possums from your property, relocating possums is both illegal and inhumane. Thanks to our comprehensive and reliable methods for possum removal and exclusion, home and business owners can turn to us to ensure the integrity of their roofs, guttering, and related structures.


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Our possum control process:

  • possum removal in melbourneInspection of building to identify all possible entry holes including assessment around the perimeter of the building, and a thorough inspection of the building roof.
  • Possum entry holes are sealed using galvanised mesh, metal sheet or aluminium flashing, silicon sealer may also be used where required.
  • One-way possum doors are fitted to allow possums to leave but not re-enter the building. Doors are purpose-built or customised to suit the particular building requirements.
  • When possums have been excluded from the building, the doors will be removed and the holes sealed.
  • Permanently open areas, such as sub-floors are excluded unless our technician has written otherwise.

There are two types of possums in urban areas;

The common brushtail possum, (Trichosurus vulpecula) is about the size of a cat. It has large pointed ears, grey fur and a bushy black tail. Brushtail possums have a single young born in autumn or spring. The baby spends around six months in the pouch, one to two months riding on its mother’s back until it is weaned and leaves the maternal den at between 7–16 months.

The common ringtail possum, (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) is much smaller, about half the size of a cat. They have round ears, a grey back with rusty sides and a curled tail with a white tip. They have one to three young, mostly twins, born during autumn or winter. Ringtail possums usually build a nest of twigs and leaves called a drey, several metres above the ground. They rarely enter house roofs.

Possum facts:

  • There are 23 possum species in Australia. The most likely possums thumping and jumping around on your roof are the common brushtail possum and the common ringtail possum.
  • A female possum is called a ‘Jill’, a male possum is called a ‘Jack’, and a young possum is called a ‘Joey’.
  • Possums can live for an average of 6-7 years with some getting to the ripe old age of 11 years.
  • Possums are nocturnal marsupials spending their nights out and about then returning to their resting place to sleep all day.
  • Most possums live in the hollows of tall trees, but the common ringtail possum builds nests known as ‘dreys’ in bushes or trees.
  • Possums mainly eat eucalyptus and other leaves. They also eat nectar, flowers and fruit.
  • Possums can make all sorts of noises, from grunts and growls to clicks, hisses and screeches.
  • Most possums are solitary animals, except when raising their young, but ringtail possums tend to live in family groups of three or more.
  • Possums are protected wildlife in Australia. Without certain permits, it is against the law to trap, relocate or kill possums.

Possum Removal service in Melbourne Suburbs

Cannon Pest Management have the experience, knowledge, and relevant certifications to deliver outstanding and prompt possum removal services. We provide possum control in Blackburn, Burwood, Croydon, Glen Waverley, Heathmont, Ringwood, Vermont, Wantirna and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. Home and business owners can trust us to assist them with their possum issues.

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    Don't Put Up With Pest Problems

    For free quotes and a customer satisfaction guarantee, call the pest controllers Melbourne locals can rely on for fast and effective services. Cannon, your weapon against pests!

    Possum Removal FAQ’s

    Have a possum problem at your home or business premises? No doubt you have some questions! Here are the most common possum questions people ask our Melbourne pest control experts.

    Why can’t possums be relocated?

    Government research shows that a high percentage of relocated possums will die. They become very susceptible to attack from predators when in an unfamiliar environment. They may die from stress and also by being run over by vehicle while searching for a home. See this Government study for more information.

    Do you fix the possum entry holes?

    Yes, fixing the possum entry holes is the only way to exclude possums from your roof. Possums removed from your building must be released on the same property they’re trapped. Possums will come back and continue to test the exclusion repair work and look for new entry locations. Once possums realise they can’t get back in they will move on.

    What damage can they do in my home?

    Possums can cause extensive damage if left unattended within the voids of your building. Possum urine stains will be present everywhere they’re active inside the building. This can stain your plaster ceiling and spoil ceiling insulation. The longer possums are left inside your building the odour of possum urine and poo will become so strong that it can’t be removed. Possum gnaw through plaster walls, electrical wiring and gnaw larger opening in the building structure to make a suitable entry hole.

    How much does it cost to get possums out?

    This depends on the building structure, the type and amount of possum entry locations that need to be repaired. If we have to engage other professional trades people the work will be more expensive.

    What can I do about possums on top of my roof?

    Possums are exceptional climbers and can jump a long way. Keeping possums off your roof can be very challenging. These are just some of the access points; trees or vegetation within 2.0 metres of the roof, utility cables connected to your roof, fences within 2.0 of the roof, other buildings connected or within 2.0 meters of your building. You can read more info on managing possums around your home here.

    Do electronic deterrents or chemicals keep possums away?

    Chemical odour deterrents will have a short-term impact and will require reapplication very regularly. Possums may not like certain odours but they know that your roof space is warm, dry and safe from predators and they will tolerate a lot of disturbance.

    Electronic or ultrasonic devices with strobe lights (flashing light) will have impact on possum activity in a very small area where the device is located and within a direct line of sight. To impact possum activity in a large area you will need several of these devices. Our experience is that the flashing light on a sensor has greater impact on possum behaviour then the ultrasonic sounds. You may create more disturbance of your neighbours’ then you do to possum behaviour.

    Do possums eat rodent bait (rat bait)?

    Yes, and they will most likely die within your roof. It is very important to possum proof your roof space before placing any rodent baits or rodent baits should be placed within secure rodent bait stations to prevent possums eating the baits. We can provide an effective rodent treatment if we find that you have both possums and rodents living inside your roof space.

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