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Have you ever had someone excitedly say to you, “Hey, guess what! A whole bunch of rats have moved in with us!” No? Why not? Could it be that no one in history has ever enjoyed having rats invade their space? After all, they are creepy and filthy creatures. But rats, even if they are only inside your roof or outside your house, are not only a nuisance, they can pose some pretty serious dangers.

Dangers Rats & Mice pose to your home:

When rodents make their way into your house, not only do they chew holes in the walls, they can cause all sorts of other problems. They leave their urine and droppings everywhere they travel which can build up and cause a terrible odour, and they chew on everything in sight.

Since they have teeth that never stop growing, they have to gnaw. They gnaw on insulation, walls and electrical cables. The worst of these are electrical cables because there is a distinct possibility of fire risk if these rodents chew on live wires. Have you ever heard in the news that the cause of a house fire is unknown, most often the cause is actually rats and mice gnawing on electrical wires!

Rats bring parasites and disease:

Rats are foraging animals, and their travels bring them to places such as waste disposal, sewers, and the like. This means they pick up all sorts of filth, harmful parasites and bacteria, as well as diseases. Do you really want these nasty pests hanging out in your yard or inside your home?

Rats and Mice can carry a whole host of parasites both on and inside their bodies. Some of these parasites are fleas, mites, lice, ticks and worms.

Rodents also carry some pretty scary diseases, some being fatal in extreme cases. A few of the diseases rodents can carry, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, plague and salmonellosis. Some can be contracted simply by breathing in dust that is contaminated by their urine or droppings. Others are contracted by eating food that is contaminated and some require direct contact with a dead, infected, rodent carcass, or an actual bite from the infected animal.

If you’re seeing rats and mice, or rodent droppings, in or around your property, it is time to call in the professionals. It is possible to avoid the costly damages that rodents can cause by getting pet and child-friendly rat and mouse control from Cannon Pest Management.

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