You may think they’re cute and cuddly, but around your home and garden, possums are actually a pest you definitely want to keep at bay. You might hear a thumping on your roof at night, or a distinct growling noise when it all goes quiet. Cute and furry they may be, but possums have sharp teeth, they carry diseases and other pests, and they cause damage and smells wherever they dwell. So if a possum family is calling your house or garden home, you’ll want easy, home-made, DIY possum deterrents.

How to deter possums the easy way

Here are common possum deterrent ideas from natural repellents to sprays that could convince your furry friends to move on. These ideas won’t harm them, it will hopefully just put them off your plants, garden, and home. Please note, do not attempt to trap or catch possums, there are laws relating to harming this protected animal, not to mention it’s dangerous!

1. Molasses

Otherwise known as black treacle, a simple cup of molasses can work wonders on a bunch of pesky possums that is munching on your delicious garden wonders every night.

Dissolve that distinctive, sugary stuff in a litre of water and add a squirt or two of washing up liquid for good measure. Spray it onto your delicious garden leaves and you’ll find that the possums no longer find it tasty enough to eat.

2. Spicy Mix

If molasses didn’t work, try some spicier stuff!

Mix up a concoction of strong, hot and spicy spray that you can add to your precious garden leaves. Fresh garlic also works a treat, especially in conjunction with chilli, hot mustard or Dad’s hottest sauce. Mix it together with water and dish soap and spray it whenever you don’t want your possums to be sinking in their teeth.

3. Quassia Chips

Did you know that the Picrasma excelsa tree is never bothered by pests? Native to Jamaica, this tree contains a resin called Quassin – and it tastes awful to the palate of pests like possums.

So grab some Quassia bark chips, and spread them around wherever your possums may be dwelling. You can also make those chips into a spray simply by soaking them in a bucket overnight, which is a perfect DIY spray for fruit trees.

4. Mothballs

They keep the moths away, but mothballs are also a great answer for how to scare possums away.

Try to buy the stinkiest mothballs you can find, and put them in those closed spaces like your roof or underneath your porch – wherever you want those possum deterrents to doing their magic.

5. Sprinkler

Did you know you can buy water sprinklers that turn on when they sense motion? If you’re thinking about how to deter possums, this solution can keep your lawn green and keep those pests away.

Possums are nocturnal, meaning they creep around at night when you’re fast asleep. So if they’re creeping around and suddenly a sprinkler leaps into action, it’s a perfect way to scare them away.

If you’re not sure your homemade possum repellent has done the trick, or possums have moved into your roofspace, it’s time to reach out to experienced and fully licensed possum removal experts.

How do you like our DIY possum deterrents? Have you heard of any other answers for how to keep possums away? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so don’t be shy and add a comment below.

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