The sun may still be out, but – just like squirrels and beavers do – it’s always a good idea to plan ahead for winter. And we’re not just talking about buying a new jacket or checking that the heater is still working. We’re talking about pests. Because pests in winter are still just as big a problem as they are at any other time of year – in fact, they can be even worse.

Rodents – the King of winter pests – are a great example. When the weather is nice, rats and mice tend to enjoy the great outdoors just as much as we do. But when the mercury takes a dive, rodents duck for cover too – into your warm, cosy home.

And that’s not all. So as we start to look ahead to Melbourne’s chillier weather, these are the pests in winter you should start to worry about:

1. Rodents

rodents pests in winter

As we said, rodents are the ultimate winter pests. Warm-blooded like us, they – like us – also love the warm smells and hospitable, dry confines of your home. It’s ahead of the winter months that these incredibly adaptable critters – carrying all sorts of disease and bacteria and renowned for causing endless damage, too.

Did you know that there is a difference between rats and mice? But either way these critters both fall under the ‘rodents’ category and can cause extreme damage and problems to you, your home and your family.

How to get rid of rodents

The best way to get rid of rats and mice is to take precautionary measures. First, start to look around for their suitable nesting area and the signs of rodent infestation. Look for signs of activity such as tracks, gnaw marks, and droppings. Trim the vegetation close to your home. Clean yards deny rodents the food and shelter they need for breeding, and they restrict a young rodent’s ability to move in. Keep away any possible food and water source for them (e.g. pet food bowls, improperly stored food, wastes etc.) and rodents will look for another place to live. If you’ve done all of these measures and you still suspect an infestation, then consult a local rodent control specialist.

2. Possums

possum removal melbourne

Neck and neck for the ultimate Melbourne winter pest, however, is the possum. Like their furry rodent friends, these noisy, dirty, messy creates are also looking for somewhere warm and dry to call their new den when the temperatures drop. And you know what else? Winter is normally when female possums give birth – usually to a couple of sets of twins!

How to get rid of possums

Possums are protected species in Australia under the Wildlife Act 1975 so they must be ethically removed. Though you can keep them away by doing some backyard cleaning like properly trimming your trees and using safe and natural possum deterrents, it still best to contact a professional for possum removal in Melbourne as they are licenced and trained in this aspect. Actually, possum exclusion is the process since possums can’t be relocated.

3. Termites

pests in winter termites

We all know how devastating a termite infestation can be, but for some reason, most people seem to think it’s a summer phenomenon. It could be because that’s partly true in much colder countries, where termites tend to dig deep into the ground when it’s freezing cold. Or the fact that flying termites are more visible in warmer months. But in Australia, termites are much happier to stay fully active all year round, particularly as all of our homes are a nice, mild, consistent temperature even in winter these days.

How to get rid of termites

Solution and treatments like termite bait stations, liquid pesticides and wood treatments are effective but these come with a price as they can be hard to apply and can risk your family safety so it’s best to get an expert in Melbourne termite control involved in this process.

4. Cockroaches

can cockroach bite

It’s often said that in a nuclear holocaust, the only creatures left on earth would be the cockroaches. While that isn’t quite true, you get the gist – they’re rather hardy indeed! Although cold-blooded, cockies don’t love the cold but that just means they’re more likely to huddle together to keep warm. So when you’re turning up the temperature on your heater this winter, bear in mind: the cockroaches will be relieved, too!

How to get rid of cockroaches

Proper house maintenance is the best way for cockroach control. Clean the kitchen and your dishes immediately and avoid leaving food scraps as this may attract them. Properly dispose of your trash and take them out regularly. Watch out for any cracks and crevices and seal them off. And lastly, always keep a can of insect spray handy for when you do spot them scurrying around.

5. Ants

ant control melbourne

Another pest you may not associate with winter is ants – mainly because it’s on those hot summer days that they tend to be scurrying about all over the place! But think about it: ants and summer are normally associated with the outdoors … meaning that when it’s colder, they’ll duck into your place to live and breed in your walls, window frames and other hidden spots.

How to get rid of ants

To get rid of ant infestations, it’s best to have a chemical barrier around your house. Also, keep them out of the wall cavity to prevent further complications.

Properly storing food and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is a precautionary measure to keep ants away from entering your home. Insecticides could offer protection but again they could impose safety risks to your family so you may need a professional ant controller for assistance.

Say no to Melbourne pests in winter!

Before it gets really cold, then, now it the right time to winter-proof your home from drafts, leaks and … winter pests! If you’re stacking up firewood for those chilly nights, keep the pile a good distance from your house, and tidy up any other clutter that might prove a good pest launching-pad to your home!

So don’t forget: colder weather doesn’t automatically mean fewer pests! If you want to get really serious about winter-proofing your place against Melbourne’s worst pest offenders, Cannon Pest Management’s 5-Star rated services are the easiest way to keep them at bay for a price you can afford. Get in touch with our Melbourne pest control team today.

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