Termites eat your house from the inside out, wasps give you the nastiest and most painful of stings, and dangerous spiders and filthy rats literally make you scream. But did you know that one of Melbourne’s most hated pests of all is actually the cockroach? A cockroach bite won’t kill you and they won’t chew your house to the ground, but if you’ve just spotted a cockie in broad daylight … “Houston, you have a problem”. Most of us are grossed out by the sight of a cockroach, but it’s actually much worse than that. Before we get into how to get rid of cockroaches, consider this:

  • They defecate on our food
  • They vomit germs & bacteria onto our food
  • They carry typhoid and food poisoning-causing Salmonella
  • They cause and worsen allergies
  • They can trigger asthma attacks.

So, ok, fine – now you really do want to know the best way on how to get rid of cockroaches!

Answer: It’s not easy! We’ve all heard the one about cockroaches surviving a nuclear blast, but there’s no doubt at all that this is a hardy critter indeed. Not just that, they can react and scurry away 25 times faster than a human can, run at an incredible pace of 5kph, hold their breath underwater for 45 minutes, squeeze through tiny openings, can fly (imagine flying cockroaches, AHHHHH), – and a single female will produce 400 baby cockies in a lifetime.

So at long, long last, let’s finally get into the very best way to kill cockroaches – and then make it a very long list in order to ensure they really are all gone … for good.

1. A bomb

No, not a nuke – a chemical cockroach bomb.

Unfortunately, setting one off at your place can be tricky as you’ll need to strictly follow the safe pest control instructions about how long you and your pets will have to vacate the area. But even after you return, you’ll probably be dealing with the icky residue for quite some time, so make sure to put your best stuff away.

2. Baits

And we’re talking about cockroach traps too, which work by first attracting the unwanted house guests and inviting them to take the faux-‘food’ back to the nest. Just make sure your dog doesn’t think it’s a new toy to chew on.

3. Sprays

Just like you ‘shoot’ an annoying fly with a blast of insect killer, there are products on the market that are effective at saying goodbye and goodnight to cockroaches. The surface sprays are also good and can be protective for weeks.

4. Natural recipes

Baking soda is handy when you’re cooking, and also when you want to unblock your drains – and now you can add ‘cockroach killer’ to the list of what it can do! Concoct a half-and-half mix with sugar or something else that’s particularly sticky and tasty, leave it out for the cockroaches – and wait for them to consume the sickly brew. The big bonus is that, unlike natural Borax-based cockroach mixes, it’s safe for your kids & pets.

To really get rid of cockroaches, get in touch with a pro

But if you really want to be sure your precious home or your all-important business premises is completely cockroach-free, you’ll need to call a true pro. At Cannon Pest Management, we don’t just know every Melbourne cockroach control trick, technique and product, we’ve been dealing with the 450+ cockroaches that infest Melbourne homes, warehouses and restaurants just like yours for years. We know their habits, their biology – and all the professional-grade ways to tailor the perfect solution for your particular location and infestation.

Sick of the sight of cockroaches? Get in touch with Cannon Pest Management today to find out why satisfied customers give our highly effective and affordable pest control services 5 star ratings.

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